Joshua and the animals

Mónika Miklya Luzsányi


Joshua and the Animals


children’s devotion book


Joshua is six years old. He is about to start school. He loves animals and he loves it when Dad talks about that other Joshua, the one who lived at the time of Jesus. The two parallel story lines give an opportunity for the author to set out from the world of today’s children and end up drawing a life-like picture of the biblical stories. The father tells various stories to his son about the animals they see. Each animal is a symbol of a biblical character. Thus the biblical stories and quotations are woven in almost imperceptibly as they are part of the stories of Joshua, the little boy who lived at the time of Jesus. Consequently young readers become familiar with the biblical stories as they follow the lives of the two Joshuas. They are able to identify with the protagonists easily and thus enter more fully into the spirit of the events described. There are 15 parallel stories in the volume which not only makes entertaining reading but which can also serve as children’s devotional / religious book.


Four-colour illustrations by Kelemen Czakó Rita


Ages 3-8 years,165x235mm, 160 pp, hardback


Date of publication: November 1, 2011

160 pp
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